LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) is a worldwide recognized green building certificate awarded by the US Green Building Council which is a nonprofitable organization. Buildings certified by LEED are different from other buildings through the eco-friendly features. Maslak no/1 is candidate for Gold Certificate.

Maslakno/1 has a maximum energy efficient design which is designed by using the latest technology from the façade to the roof including all illumination and the mechanical system. The 3D Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) system and heat recoverable HVAC Units help it to reach high efficiency level. Once Completed Maslakno/1 aims to reach an energy saving level of 40% compared to buildings with similar features.

Maslak /1 is designed to create a flat garden, green terrace and large garden and pool areas in the center of the city as an oxygen source and embellish the environment increasing the bio diversity.

Double siding and wide inward opening Windows decrease the sense of working in a plaza effect on employees. Mechanical system of the building is designed at optimum to offer four season thermal comfort. Wall paintings and construction chemicals used in Maslak /1 are human heat friendly. The employees can work in a wide, illuminated, clean and safe environment

Maslak/1 is perfectly located which helps to decrease the carbon emotions caused by transportation. Maslak/1 is near to the most of the public transportation (Bus and metro stops) in a few minutes’ walk which enables one to avoid personal transportation.

The employees are able to charge the batteries of their electrical vehicles in the electrical stations at our car park by decreasing the carbon emotions and not be affected by high fuel prices

The materials used in Maslak/1 are recycled, supplied from nearest points and these materials do not consist of harmful gases that effects atmosphere and human health.

About Maslak No 1 Management

Management, operation and leasing services of Maslak No 1 Plaza are conducted by Maslak No Bir Yönetim Danışmanlık ve Servis A.Ş. established by Koçkaya Holding and Alsar Gayrimenkul.

Maslak No 1 Management is aiming to provide excellent service by working with its team of staff experts in their fields in various fields of management service and with its solution partners.

Been at the forefront with its architecture that creates a difference and prides itself with the latest technology installations. Maslak No 1 is one of the most valuable structures of today. Ensuring continuity of this value and preserving its quality is the primary duty of Maslak No 1 Management. Been aware of its objectives and duties, as in all other sectors is also the first step to success in the service sector. Maslak No 1 Management is giving service with this perspective and is continuing its duty based on basis of quality.

Message from Management General Manager

When we think of today’s conditions, institutions are in serious competition in all sectors. While movements towards up or down can be seen in the value of all assets in certain periods, as long as competition do exist, the momentum is always moving upwards. This situation directs the firms to find the answer to the question of ‘’how can I perform the highest qualityof work with lower costs?”.

In Management of Shopping Malls as an example, Business Centers and Facilities, highest quality service is possible with expert staffing and solution partners experienced in their various fields. Our main idea is to ensure continuity in the areas in the leading parts of service sectors such as Technical, Security and Hygiene without any problems and to have the existing problems reach solutions as soon as possible. If the aim is to provide excellent results, work is not done with only these mentioned either. We will have to up our standards and offer a more livable Facility overall.

Taking measures regarding Work, Health and Safety, conducting maintenance and repair on Technical equipment (Elevators, Fire Systems, Generators, etc.) on time, thus provide a more green space, finalizing demands in shortest possible time and adopting a more gracious Management concept which in turn will build a more livable environment.

Maslak No 1 Management, will adopt the same Management concept in every facility it is posted in with its professional staffing structure and without losing its spirit and excitement, and will furthermore act with the vision of “Safe, Fast and High Quality Service”.

Serkan GÜZEL
Executive General Manager